WORDPLAY—Screenwriting Secrets From Working Screenwriters

There’s a wonderful and helpful website called WORDPLAY—Screenwriting Secrets From Working Screenwriters. It’s well worth any aspiring screenwriter’s time to check it out. Browse, learn and enjoy!

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2 Responses to “WORDPLAY—Screenwriting Secrets From Working Screenwriters”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi Khadija,

    Another book you may like is “How to Write: A Screenplay” by Mark Evan Schwartz. It’s a book but it’s written in the form of a screenplay. It was the first screenplay text book I ever had and I’ve since taken 2 classes with the author Mark. (On Saturday I will be graduating as an undergrad with a screenwriting degree.)


  2. Hello there, Rebecca!

    I’ll look into that book; thanks for the info!

    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! {wild cheering and applause} I look forward to seeing the movies that will be based on your scripts! {more frenzied applause}

    Peace, blessings and solidarity.