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Welcome to the fourth episode of Author Platform Construction 101. In an earlier post I mentioned the modern author’s need to find ways to create an audience for their work. Preferably, before publishing their books. In the writing context, creating connections with potential readers is called building an author’s “platform.”

Blogging can be an effective way of creating these connections. However, there’s more than one kind of blogging. Some blogging styles are more effective at building an audience than others. There’s the casual, pure hobby style of blogging that is done without any forethought. And then there’s strategic blogging that is designed to encourage specific responses from readers. The hoped for responses can be any number of things, such as: consider a new idea, rethink an old idea, buy a particular product, engage in social activism, spread the word about something, or any combination of the above.

Even though the site is geared toward helping online entrepreneurs, The Smart Passive Income Blog is an excellent resource for writers looking to blog with a winning strategy. Mr. Flynn’s free ebook, Ebooks The $mart Way, gives great tips for publishing, marketing, and automating “killer ebooks.” Giving away a free, content-rich ebook in exchange for a reader subscribing to one’s blog is a popular strategy among professional bloggers. It’s a way to quickly grow the number of people who subscribe to your blog. By reading this ebook, I learned several key strategies that will help me with my future projects. Check it out.

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  1. Done and done! I am currently more of a hobby-style blogger, but I believe the experience will be assistive for future projects.

    Though I am not commenting much at this time, I am most definitely continuing to read and learn!

    Thanks for this series!!!


  2. Pat says:

    Hi Khadija, thanks so much for mentioning my eBook here on your blog. I hope it will help your readers, especially those who have blogs who want to take things to a whole new level. Wishing you and everyone else all the best. Cheers!

  3. SouthlandDiva,

    Yep; there are some amazing resources out there. These are exciting times for entrepreneurs!

    Hi, Pat!

    You’re welcome; and THANK YOU for generously sharing what you’ve learned. Like many others, I’ve found your ebook (and new podcasts :-)) to be extremely helpful as I setup my own online business. Again, thanks!

    Expect Success!

  4. Khadji, you are ABSOLUTELY right about building a platform before writing a book. I started backwards, but the good news is that the book isn’t due for a year and I have plenty of time to catch up, which is happening pretty quickly.

  5. Christelyn,

    Yes, I’ve (quietly) watched you catch up. 🙂 It’s interesting. On the one hand, the current environment (potential readers with gazillions more non-reading entertainment options than ever before) forces writers to do so much more than simply write. That is, if they want to be successful. On the other hand, the tools available to build a platform (such as blogging, video blogging, podcasting) make this so much easier than it’s ever been before.

    This also has implications (good and bad) in terms of social activism. I remember the pre-internet, pre-texting days during the anti-apartheid struggle when I was in college. You actually had to go out into the real world and engage people in order to build an audience for whatever ideas you were promoting. If you wanted to participate in a mass movement, you had to participate mostly in person by attending meetings, rallies, and so on. Again, as Elijah Muhammad said, “a cake slices on both sides.” There’s an upside and a downside to in-person activism.

    The good thing was that the accountability of having to be face to face with people prevented a lot of nonsense. Both from activists AND from wannabe hecklers. Trolls and other people do a lot of inappropriate things on the anonymous internet that they would never be nervy enough to do in person. The downside is that in-person contact or real-life soapbox preaching is an inefficient method of creating an audience.

    Expect Success!

  6. Yes, I’m surprised at some of the responses I’ve gotten to behavior modification that just seems like common sense. Now I totally identify with what you said about these “Ike Turners” in your book. “No Wedding, No Womb!” should be such an empowering message for black women; and for the most part, it seems to be going in that direction, but dissenters often try to shout down good sense.

    Still hoping to work with you someday! Me and a few other BWE bloggers are planning a blitzkrieg on the issue of out of wedlock births in the black community, and I would love for you to be a part of that.

  7. Christelyn,

    You said, “Yes, I’m surprised at some of the responses I’ve gotten to behavior modification that just seems like common sense. Now I totally identify with what you said about these “Ike Turners” in your book. “No Wedding, No Womb!” should be such an empowering message for black women; and for the most part, it seems to be going in that direction, but dissenters often try to shout down good sense.”

    Yep; you’re finding out what happens when you question or {gasp} oppose the RADIOACTIVE status quo among AAs. All sorts of hysterical defenders of the status quo come out of the woodwork. It’s amazing to behold. I don’t call these people “dissenters,” because what they’re engaging in is not “dissent.” It’s attempted sabotage.

    When I dissent from something, I state my reasons for disagreement, and then I’m through with that particular conversation. I’m not trying to block people from taking whatever actions they feel are in their best interests. Misguided though I might believe they are. I’m certain that the better idea will ultimately win out—the better idea doesn’t need to sabotage other ideas in order to win. This belief is one of several reasons why I’m not willing to invest (waste) time debating with people who are fundamentally opposed to what I believe are “better ideas.” To them, their way—and to me, mine.**

    I don’t haunt the blogs (or other gathering places) of people I feel are misguided. I don’t try to disrupt their conversations with like-minded persons. I don’t obsess over what I perceive as their errors in judgment. I leave them be, and focus on pursuing and promoting what I believe are better ideas.

    That’s the difference between legitimate dissent and attempted sabotage: The “Internet Ike Turners” and “Ikettes” are hell-bent on trying to BLOCK other people from discussing and taking the actions they feel are in their best interests. This came up during a post at the previous blog,

    3-Is the person hell-bent on trying to discourage you from protecting yourself against attacks? Is the person focused on trying to stop you from punishing those individuals who attack Black women and girls? In the context of the ongoing war against Black women and girls, legitimate dissent is when a person says “I disagree with blah-blah. Here are the reasons why I disagree with blah-blah. Therefore, I won’t support blah-blah action.” And leaves it at that. People who are fixated on stopping you from taking action against those who attack Black women and girls, want you to remain under attack. They want you to remain defenseless. They want you (and women like you) to suffer. By supporting the status quo, they are supporting a continuation of Black women’s and girls’ suffering.

    This is true no matter how much (or how loudly) such a person screams that they support Black women. If they are engaged in the above-listed behaviors they are most likely a saboteur. Treat them as such.

    You said, “Still hoping to work with you someday! Me and a few other BWE bloggers are planning a blitzkrieg on the issue of out of wedlock births in the black community, and I would love for you to be a part of that.”

    Christelyn, THANK YOU so much for your kind and gracious invitation. However, I just can’t commit to anything in addition to what I’m already doing right now—and for a while (at least not until next year). I plan to have another additional income stream up and running by the end of this year; and I’m swamped working on all the details needed to make this happen.

    **There’s an entire (short) chapter of the Quran that talks about the proper attitude toward non-believers:

    Surah 109. Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers, Atheists)

    In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

    1. Say : O ye that reject Faith!

    2. I worship not that which ye worship,

    3. Nor will ye worship that which I worship.

    4. And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship,

    5. Nor will ye worship that which I worship.

    6. To you be your Way, and to me mine.

    Expect Success!

  8. That may be just about the best advice I’ve received since I’ve started this mission. Thanks for taking the time to advise me and thousands of other women. I hope success for you in ALL your endeavors. You’re amazing.



  9. Christelyn,

    You’re much too kind. {blushing} Thank you for your kind words and support; I truly appreciate it.

    This will be my last comment in this thread about the topic of dissent vs. sabotage (because I don’t want to totally derail this conversation):

    As I mentioned in the Table Talk For Activists chapters in the book, I’m very thankful for the exposure that I got during college to serious, organized activism through participating in the anti-apartheid struggle. I see so many AAs who are dangerously naive and gullible about the topic of “dissent.” And this is because most of them have never had the opportunity to participate in an actual, sustained movement (as opposed to agitating about a single individual or incident).

    To all aspiring AA activists, here’s what I learned from that experience and from talking to the old-school, former members of the Nation of Islam that I knew during that period:

    (1) Your oppressor NEVER allows you to use his platform to vent your dissent from his actions. For example, how often is Minister Farrakhan allowed to be seen or heard on the “mainstream” media? How often are true left-wing progressives allowed to be seen or heard on the mainstream media? Answer: almost never.

    What makes you think that you—as a less-powerful insurgent who is resisting an unjust, deeply entrenched status quo—can afford to allow your opponents to vent from your smaller, less-well-financed platform? So your enemy can use their own platform AND yours to market their oppressive ideology? That’s crazy.

    But it’s a foolish position that I see many new-school AA bloggers take. It looks to me like if they asked, many of these naive, new-school AA bloggers would let Klan members and neo-Nazis write guest posts for their blogs. Because they somehow feel obligated to give equal time to people who HATE them and would like to see them dead. Because they don’t want to be accused of “censoring” the Klan/neo-Nazis. Again, that’s insane.

    Meanwhile, the Klan, neo-Nazis, and semi-veiled racists like Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and their ilk DON’T allow progressives to use their shows as platforms to market progressive ideas. If they bring on an actual progressive (as opposed to a lukewarm, Demo-publican masquerading as a legitimate proponent of progressive values), they make sure that the deck is heavily stacked against that person while they’re on their show. They edit whatever they say if the show is taped, cut them off when they’re speaking live, set them up with false and misleading questions, tell lies about the guest, and so on.

    A similar setup happens on ignorant, status-quo-supporting AA talk radio shows on those very rare occassions whenever a pro-BW-empowerment guest is let onto the show. As with the right-wing conservatives, they only bring progressives (and BW-empowerment guests in the case of AA talk radio) onto their shows when they’re able to set them up for an ambush.

    In other words, supporters of the status quo NEVER freely hand their microphone over to their opponents—this is why they’re the ones in power and entrenched! On those rare occassions when they let opponents talk on their platforms, they make sure that the situation is structured in a way to discredit whatever the opponent is saying. Even if they have to heavily edit and twist the guest’s words, and tell lies about the guest to do this.

    (2) If somebody is fundamentally opposed to your program as an activist, then what legitimate, productive purpose could they possibly have for coming around to your meetings? Answer: NONE. What reason do they have to be there, except to try to sabotage your work? And why would you be silly enough to let them do this?

    (a) I notice that AAs only bring this expectation of being freely allowed to obstruct an agenda to activists. They don’t bring this expectation to their preachers. How many AAs openly voice their “dissent” when they’re in church or mosque? Few, to none. And if you do that too often, past a certain point the church/mosque leadership will ask you why do you want to continue attending that particular house of worship (since you disagree with their program). AA houses of worship won’t let so-called “dissenters” waste their time and obstruct their agenda! Modern activists who are serious need to take the same posture.

    (b) It’s similar to how the same AA rappers, comedians, and so on who invoke free speech when degrading AA women NEVER use their right to free speech to insult certain, other categories of people. These slave-mentality individuals are ALL quite selective in choosing the targets of their free speech. They know better than to insult their masters—or anybody their masters hold dear.

    (3) I think too many modern AAs have gotten warped ideas about activism from watching too much screaming heads talk shows on cable tv. They think that other people’s efforts at activism are supposed to serve as their entertainment. They think that activists have an obligation to entertain them. NO.

    Finally, as an aspiring activist, either you believe your work is serious and worthy of being taken seriously; or you don’t. If you take your activism seriously, then you won’t let saboteurs obstruct your work.

    The internet and the real world is a wide open space. Anybody who so-called “dissents” from your work is perfectly free to build their OWN “thang”! Nobody’s stopping them from getting their own program together and pursuing that. You don’t owe anybody free rein to sabotage your work.

    Expect Success!

  10. **Anyhoo, let me get back on track by mentioning why I’m so excited about sites like The Smart Passive Income Blog**

    Because they’re giving people the information needed to build extra income streams! They’re teaching people how to make money! And much of the valuable information that they’re sharing is freeee! 🙂 I’ve been able to drastically reduce my learning curve by reading the various free ebooks that I’ve gotten by subscribing to several blogs. This is in addition to those materials that I’ve bought from various professional bloggers. Pre-internet, and definitely in real life, you would almost always have to pay $$$ for the type of information these bloggers are giving away for free.

    For those who have been considering using the internet to create additional income streams, NOW is the time to start seriously studying the many valuable free materials that are out there. If you look, there’s much that can be learned without having to spend any money. So, being on a tight budget is no excuse for not taking the opportunity to learn valuable information and skills.

    I’ll end this comment with a quote from one of my favorite writers, Balthasar Gracian (who wrote The Art of Worldly Wisdom),

    Aphorism #268
    The Wise do at once what the Fool does at last.

    Both do the same thing; the only difference lies in the time they do it: the one at the right time, the other at the wrong. Who starts out with his mind topsyturvy will so continue till the end. He catches by the foot what he ought to knock on the head, he turns right into left, and in all his acts is but a child. There is only one way to get him in the right way, and that is to force him to do what he might have done of his own accord. The wise man, on the other hand, sees at once what must be done sooner or later, so he does it willingly and gains honour thereby,

    There’s a website that gives daily aphorisms from this book.

    Expect Success!

  11. Oshun/Aphrodite says:

    Thank you Khadija for posting these links and resources. I definitely need some help in this area. I appreciate all the information you share.

  12. Karen R. says:

    I love the instant articles link. This is extremely helpful in building a loyal following by giving away free content. I always wondered if people who give away free reports must spend countless hours writing them, but this is brain-dead simple. Totally coincides with the ebook you recommended “How to market the $%^& out of your ebook.” Very valuable content and information. Thank you!!!

  13. Oshun/Aphrodite,

    You’re welcome! {breathing a sigh of relief because I thought I had accidentally deleted your comment—whew!}


    You’re welcome! There seem to be several things going with the “free content in exchange for subscribing to the blog” situation. First, it creates more eyeballs looking at whatever Google AdSense ads might be on the blog (for those folks who are willing to have these ads on their blogs). Second, it creates a standing list of potential buyers for one’s paid products, such as ebooks, courses, personal coaching, etc.

    These are exciting times for those who are willing to explore opportunities!

    Expect Success!