Postscript: V For Victory

Ladies, this is your victory, may God bless you all. This is our collective victory as legitimate BWE (Black Women’s Empowerment) bloggers, all praise is due to God Almighty.


When I ended the Sojourner’s Passport blog project over six months ago, I decided that sometime around Thanksgiving Day I would take another look at the progress made by the BWE social justice movement. I’m thankful to see that the BWE movement has achieved lasting victory after only a few short years:

  • The core BWE message that Black women who are serious about marriage must expand their dating options to include nonblack men has firmly entered the mainstream. One can see this with the conversations and publicity surrounding Ralph Richard Banks’ book Is Marriage For White People?
  • A critical mass of African-American women have heard the BWE message, and have MOVED ON into enjoying abundant life in the global village. They’ve stopped restricting themselves to the dead Black community and vampiric all-Black social circles. They’ve stopped hindering their marriage options by refusing to speak or engage in the “nothing but a Black man” self-sabotage.

As time goes by, the ongoing success of the BWE message is why you’ll continue to see a number of BWE bloggers do various things. Some will continue to have their blogs serve as lighthouses helping other Black women find the path to abundant life. Some will retire from blogging altogether (as I have). Some will start using other types of venues for their discussions. Some others will use their blogs to focus on a wider range of topics (that go beyond issues that primarily affect Black women).

Unlike traditional African-American civil rights organizations that go on forever because their goals are never accomplished, the BWE social justice movement has accomplished its primary goals. BWE was designed to provide solid analysis and concrete solutions to help Black women MOVE ON into joyous living. This has happened. The tools for escape have been provided. As they hear the BWE message, those Black women who sincerely want abundant life have been quietly MOVING ON.

This quiet and growing exodus of sensible African-American women has not gone totally unnoticed. There’s a YouTube video in which a frightened Black man asks the question, “Are Black Women Becoming Like Asian Women?” (in terms of dating and marrying White men). In terms of sensible Black women, the short answer is YES. As this worried Black male has noticed, increasing numbers of quality, desirable Black women are leaving the toxic all-Black dating market and have MOVED ON.

The victory of the BWE social justice movement will prove to be a lasting one because it’s sustained and enhanced by the ripple effects created by every African-American woman who finds joyous life in the outside world.


Ladies, rest assured that human nature—in the form of envy—will finish the job of saving those remaining African-American women who are capable of being salvaged. The motivational energy produced by envy is over 1,000 times more powerful than any sermon.

Here’s how this will continue playing out:

As increasing numbers of African-American women marry out into happy, wholesome lives, other African-American women and girls will see this. Each African-American woman who marries out leaves behind a number of Black women relatives, friends, and acquaintances who are suffering in toxic, all-Black social circles. Some of these left-behind women are reprobates who will choose to remain Stuck On Stupid. The reprobates will continue to play dumb, tell lies, and distort the most basic ideas about BWE. Which is fine. God respects free will, and so do I. The Good Life in the outer world will go on without them.

Some of these foolish “nothing but a Black man” women will try to sabotage other Black women who are MOVING ON. This is why it’s essential for escaping Black women to remain quiet about their plans.

Most of all, many of these left-behind Black women will continue to be envious of the Black women who escaped.

The left-behind Black women will angrily think to themselves, “So & So (the Sojourner who married out) isn’t any better than me. If she can get a quality husband from the outer world, so can I!”

This is the point at which the more ambitious among the left-behind African-American women will start to imitate the Sojourner’s various moves—her self-presentation choices, her social circle choices, and so on. She’ll stop engaging in self-segregation. She’ll drop her knee-jerk grudge against White men. She’ll stop having knee-jerk, Oppositional Defiant Disorder-based reactions to the outer world. She’ll also take a hint from Black men, and learn how to do what works for her. Without trying to carry the dead Black community on her back.

This chain reaction will continue to spread with each Black woman who successfully marries out into a wholesome lifestyle. One woman at a time. The wonderful thing is that it doesn’t require any preaching to elicit this type of reaction from many women. Human nature will take care of that. Without any outside prompting. And so, victory will continue spreading to those African-American women who love themselves enough to save themselves.

Ladies, this is our collective victory, rejoice in it. May God bless you all.

Khadija Nassif

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Following My Bliss


As much as I deeply appreciated the outpouring of support I received when I ended the previous blog, I don’t like protracted goodbyes. So, I’ve decided to make a quiet exit from this blog project by closing the comments to this post in advance. This post marks the final entry for The Sojourner’s Passport blog.


The conversations we’ve had, and the community we’ve formed during this time, have greatly enriched my life. I’ve gained new ideas, insights and information that I wouldn’t have gained otherwise. I’m eternally thankful for everything I’ve learned from listening with humility to the readers. I can’t possibly thank all of you enough for that. THANK YOU.


In a post dated April 17, 2009, from the previous blog, I stated,

I firmly believe that this era is the time of reckoning across the planet. All of the issues that have been arrogantly ignored and “blown off” are coming back with a vengeance. From environmental pollution, to the oil dependency that President Carter warned Americans about thirty years ago, to the economy. All of it. This reckoning includes Black folks across the globe.

Specifically in terms of African-Americans it includes:

(1) The mass self-hatred and lack of racial pride that we’ve papered over with slogans about multiculturalism, biracialism, etc. This self-hatred has metastasized into the openly Black-hating statements of creatures like Yung Berg, Ne-Yo, Kimora Lee, Tiger Woods, etc. All of this has come back to bite us in the buttocks.

(2) The unaddressed misogyny in the Black collective, which has caused unprecedented levels of violence against Black women and girls. This has metastasized into open, vehement support for woman-beaters like Chris Brown. Open, vehement support for pedophiles like R. Kelly. This has also morphed into open, vehement support for Black men exploiting and refusing to marry Black women. African-Americans’ acceptance of unfettered misogyny has accomplished something that even slavery couldn’t do: This is what has caused the final death of the African-American family. All of this is the end result of catering to Black men’s wounded egos.

(3) The unchallenged anti-intellectualism among the African-American collective. This has morphed into African-Americans lifting up, and celebrating, ignorance and depravity as “acting Black.”

(4) The refusal to hold our (mis)leadership class accountable for their failures and trespasses. This has resulted in a current leadership cadre that is filled with jackals, buck-dancing Crossover Negro Politicians who cater to White racists, and impotent TV talking heads [i.e., the “usual suspects” who are invited to Tavis Smiley’s annual book promotion fest].

This is the time and the day when all of these things that we’ve collectively refused to address are coming to a head. All of these things will be the death of most African-Americans. Most African-Americans will form a permanent underclass in this country.

The permanent underclass flood waters are already around our necks, while our people continue on with business as usual. Those few African-Americans who will survive and thrive despite the flood must start building Arks and/or looking for seats on somebody else’s Ark. Right now!

As I discussed in some detail during the post Last Call To Evacuate Black Residential Areas Before The ‘Peace Walls’ Go Up, many of the specific predictions I’ve made over the past few years have come true. You will find specific information about how to thrive during this era of unprecedented change and collapse discussed in the “Uncategorized” series of posts.


I see the various problems that I’ve warned about over the past few years. I see The Gathering Storm. At the same time, I also see a world that is still alive with possibilities if you’re willing to seek them out. Once you disconnect from the dead and vampiric African-American social and residential disaster zones, you’ll discover there are healthier people and places in the outer world. And that it’s possible to build a very good life with them. When you join better networks of mutually supportive people in the outer world, you’ll find that it’s still possible to live well, despite The Gathering Storm. You’ll make the happy discovery that it’s still possible to stay several steps ahead of the storm, follow your bliss and go wherever your dreams lead you.

It’s time for me to take my leave, and focus my complete and undivided attention on continuing to follow my own bliss.


I’m deeply pleased with the resources for lifestyle optimization that we’ve created together during our conversations here. It’s been a pleasure and an honor working with all of you in support of abundant life for African-American women and girls. I’m especially honored to have worked with the readers who took action during the post Since You Keep Your Black Daughters Living As Unprotected Prey In Black Neighborhoods, You Should At Least Train Them In Parkour And Free Running.

Any Black woman who wants to avoid the various “Black women as self-sacrificing martyrs” dead ends will find a treasure trove of actionable information here. As will those African-American women who are ready to detox from the many life-damaging ideas being promoted by “mainstream” and “new school” African-American popular culture. We’ve also discussed the new opportunities that exist for those writers who are willing to take matters into their own hands. During the conversations here, we’ve also made great strides in advancing the emerging Black Women’s Empowerment movement.

As always, The Sojourner’s Passport book will continue to be available at The 133 blog posts of the Sojourner’s Passport blog will remain here. They’ll remain here for the benefit of all African-American women who are seeking a passport into a better life. The tips, techniques and resources we’ve discussed during the course of this blog will continue helping African-American women and girls create the life of their dreams. Thank you for your participation and support.

Peace and God’s blessings be upon you,
Khadija Nassif

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