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Welcome to the fifth episode of Author Platform Construction 101. In an earlier post I mentioned the modern author’s need to find ways to create an audience for their work. Preferably, before publishing their books. In the writing context, creating connections with potential readers is called building an author’s “platform.”

Blogging can be an effective way of creating these connections. However, there’s more than one kind of blogging. Some blogging styles are more effective at building an audience than others. There’s the casual, pure hobby style of blogging that is done without any forethought. And then there’s strategic blogging that is designed to encourage specific responses from readers. The hoped for responses can be any number of things, such as: consider a new idea, rethink an old idea, buy a particular product, engage in social activism, spread the word about something, or any combination of the above.

Mars Dorian’s blog is an excellent resource for writers looking to blog with a winning strategy. Incidentally, I love his blog name (which he’s said is about 80% based on his real name).


I learned some extremely important tips about breaking into a crowded niche while reading the Want To Dominate An Overcrowded Niche? This Post Will Help You post at his blog. He said,

2. Re-invent your digital career
Internet marketers and social media consultants are like zits. Just when you think you got enough, more sprout out of nowhere. Please, don’t become a zit !

Give yourself a title which only YOU can use.

In Berlin, Germany, there’s a former law student who now calls him Doc Alex – the party scientist. He’s earning a killing from organizing up to 150 big parties a year.

There’s supposed to be an archive worker at CNN who calls herself “Information Goddess of popular culture”

I know some people that are web designers but call themselves digital storytellers

Dave Navarro tagged himself as the “Launch coach” and now enjoys top dollars in the 6 figure range.

What do they all have in common ? They are all people who vaporized their standard job description (consultant, archivists, web designer) and created their own instead.

An unknown blogger or marketer has to face a huge problem when entering the competitive online arena. But when the blogger chooses to become a status quo non-conformist , or a Digital Empire builder , he will dominate his part of the niche and leave the competition in the digital dust.

That one tip about giving yourself a title that only you can use is worth serious consulting money! I’ve seen a number of bestselling personal finance authors use this tactic. There’s the “Rich Dad” series of books. There’s also Loral Langemeier, who has called herself “The Millionaire Maker.” This one idea has helped me with my future mainstream projects. Check it out.

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8 Responses to “Mars Dorian—Spread Your Influence”

  1. Valerie M says:

    “…he’s got such a shy presence it makes my dead grandmother appear like a party animal.” Seriously, this caught me off guard and I busted out laughing.

    I love how he basically says to take your strengths AND weaknesses and use them all to your advantage. Of course, we should be applying that to every aspect of our lives, but this is just awesome.

    I’d like to share some of my favorite small business and personal resources, if you don’t mind:

    I love Mark Silver’s Heart of Business blog which tries to focus you on what matters. He offers a free Business Heart toolkit here:

    I also love Ramit Sethi at I Will Teach You How to be Rich. He is a straight shooter and focuses more on earning more money and not saving money on “counting rice pellets.” (his words) He also gets into the psychology behind people’s money habits. One of my favorite articles from him is:

    I am also a member of his Earn1k program, which gets you started on a side freelance business. It’s a bit pricey, but I’ve been around and tried plenty of stuff. I believe in investing in myself no matter what, but this is by far one of the better programs that I have seen for beginners. Even the free material is on point.

    If you’re interested in e-commerce, try the My Wife Quit Her Job website, run by Steve. He and his wife run an e-store selling embroidered linens. He has an large collection of online store tutorials here:

    I have tons of other resources that I look into but I don’t want to bombard the comments for now. 🙂

  2. Hodan says:

    Thank you for always sharing tremendously resourceful knowledge, ideas, links. Honestly, you have some of the very few blogs that actually inform its readers and enlightens them… Jazaakallah Khayran Khadija.

  3. Evelyn says:

    I’ve been lurking here and at Muslim Bushido just a few months before it was closed, and as an aspiring fiction writer I’ve always appreciated your information posts and tips for getting published and selling your work! I just wanted to say I think the idea of self-branding makes a lot of sense. I think it’s worked even here – “The Sojourner’s Passport” isn’t a title easily forgotten!

  4. ValerieM.,

    Thanks for sharing those resources! I had heard of Ramit Sethi, although I haven’t read his book or blog. But I had never heard of the other 2 sites, and from what I’ve seen they look extremely helpful.

    I’m with Mr. Sethi about “counting rice pellets.” Which to me is a synonym for an unhealthy and extreme level of frugality. I would compare it to a starvation diet. That type of frugality is a dead end for people who are already financially responsible. Now, I believe someone who’s in the habit of going buck wild with their money needs to “starve” for a minute. Just to get back to reality.

    Even though I’ve always been financially responsible, I have been willing to engage in that degree of frugality for extremely short periods of time. Say, a month or two. But not longer than that. Frankly, I’ll be d*mned before I spend so much time working for a living and STILL can’t have my little perks. No, that’s not the lifestyle for me.

    The other thing is that extreme frugality gets to a point of diminishing financial returns for a financially responsible person. I believe that same effort would be better invested into bringing more money in rather than trying to pinch a penny until it screams. While browsing at the site, I saw that one of the bloggers you mentioned did a post about this. I agree with the points he raised here:


    Thank you—Subhanallah!


    Thanks for de-lurking! 🙂

    You said, “I just wanted to say I think the idea of self-branding makes a lot of sense. I think it’s worked even here – “The Sojourner’s Passport” isn’t a title easily forgotten!”

    Well, I certainly hope so! LOL! I’ve been learning about this stuff as I go along with my own projects. I believe the future is bright for those who seize it! Or, as Latin proverb notes, “Fortune favors the bold.”

    Expect Success!

  5. mars dorian says:

    Hey Khadija,

    thanx for taking my post as an example. I luv it when it helps and inspires creative people.

    I know some successful and inspirational people, and they all own their title – no matter the profession.

    Crafting your “story” in your own, special way (branding it) is a fun and effective way to stand out with your career.

    Keep shining 🙂

  6. Hi Mars,

    You’re welcome! And thanks for stopping by! I’m always delighted whenever I find out about another helpful resource. I’m happy I found out about your blog.

    I believe the work that you and some others are doing is extremely important. The previous, industrial era paradigm of “get a good job, and you’ll be okay for the rest of your working days” is over. People need the information that you’re providing. You’re helping people develop the tools to maintain and expand whatever type of income stream(s) they have.

    Establishing a strongly positive personal brand is also important for employees. An employee who has established a strong personal brand of contributing high value to the workplace is often among the last to be downsized.

    Expect Success!

  7. Joyousnerd says:

    Oh, goodie! I will be reading through these sites and hopefully learning how to make my own little brand into a powerhouse! I’ve started by buying up some domain names in the special title I’ve conferred on myself… now I’m a bit stymied about the next step. Hopefully these resources can help. Thanks!

  8. JoyousNerd,

    Good for you! I’m still pondering my own special title for my future projects. Onward and forward!

    Expect Success!