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  1. diva says:


    If you haven’t noticed we seem to live in a messy, sloppy world. I have seen some offices and visited some apartments of some young, single women I work with and I am appalled by the general messiness-dirty dishes, dirty underwear etc. I point this out because I got some interesting compliments from colleagues about how neat my office was. One man came by and told me that he always like walking by my office because it smells nice ( I use incense) and it always looks so bright and pleasant. This has happened more than once from male colleagues who say ‘this looks like a woman’s office’. and they mean it in a nice way. I have also noticed that when my office gets complimented so do I.

    This may seem crazy, but men do judge woman based on what they associate them with. I get that sometimes you can’t clean everything or stuff gets a little rough…but seriously. No man wants a woman who keeps her house looking like a barn. They don’t want to pick up a woman on a date and have funky smells coming out the hall. They aren’t going stop by your office, cubicle, etc to talk to you when you have soda cans and empty sandwich wrappings all over the desk. Men can get away with it; women can’t.

    And that’s before we even get to the new ‘dirty clothes’ phenom.
    Woman showing up to work with stained shirts, tattered jeans, and b.o. I have traveled a lot and I have met women from 3rd world countries who may only have two dresses to their name but they are clean and mended. They’ll be extremely fastidious. They may only have a dirt floor house, but it will be neat and tidy. They take pride in being neat and men expect it.

    Just my two cents:)

    • Oshun/Aphrodite says:

      “If you haven’t noticed we seem to live in a messy, sloppy world. I have seen some offices and visited some apartments of some young, single women I work with and I am appalled by the general messiness-dirty dishes, dirty underwear etc. ”

      Diva, ummm thats filth baby! LOL The truth!

      I am a slight germaphobe. I clean once a week top to bottom and try to do maintenance throughout the week. I do a real deep clean about every few months. Windows baseboards, walls and once a year or so clearing out useless clothes and shoes etc.

      When I marry whether I have a housekeeper or not – I can’t abide filth. Things may get cluttered papers, books, equipment when I am working on something, but when its over I start throwing stuff out, sorting, and organizing.

      I also have a thing about touching raw food or garbage with my bare hands- so I go through a lot of gloves at home. I also don’t touch my food when eating out – despite washing my hands beforehand.

      I don’t consider myself to be judgmental in general, but I do judge people harshly for being nasty and that includes having having nasty habits.

      For example people who offer you a drink and then bring you the glass by touching the rim (where you put your mouth) or grabbing your cup for a refill by putting their finger inside the glass. Or hand you a bottle of water by grabbing the entire neck of the bottle (near where your lips go).

      Or when in a group setting and you are sharing a meal – people who don’t even pretend to wash their hands, just get up from what they’re doing and start piling food. Or they lick their fingers.. Because you know, the rest of us who also want to eat can’t wait to be exposed to your germs from licking your fingers and all the other germs that you are carry on your unwashed hands while you are hoovering and playing over the food. Or people who serve you and actually touch the food as they put it on the plate.

      I even see this on cooking shows. Where the chef will interview people and shake their guests hands, touch all these surfaces and go right into cooking and touching food. Or they will debone a chicken and then just rinse their hands with water sans soap and go right into chopping vegetables.

      I’m not understanding the nasty office thing. I would think that someone would be too embarrassed as they are around others – to be that nasty. How can filth like that be comfortable? They have to smell it. I mean sandwich wrappers and food stuffs will smell after a while.

    • Sylvia says:

      My sentiments exactly! No one likes to put forth an effort any more. Such a shame to even see women, GROWN women, out in their pajamas and completely disheaveled.

      • Karen says:

        “…Such a shame to even see women, GROWN women, out in their pajamas and completely disheaveled…”


    • ak says:

      Yes my mother said the same thing about women from Third World countrries, in particular, she meant women who were dirt poor in Jamaica decades ago.

    • Oshun/Aphrodite says:

      “Woman showing up to work with stained shirts, tattered jeans, and b.o.”

      I didn’t want to touch that. I just glossed it over because I want to pretend I didn’t read it. I don’t know what to say about a woman with b.o. Or wearing dirty stained clothes to work.

  2. I won some Alvin Ailey tickets and I’ve never been to this type of show before. I have no idea what to wear. Help!

    P.S. the show is tomorrow

    • MsMellody says:

      Quick…head out to the store (Ann Taylor, JJill, Pendleton,) and buy a simple cashmere/merino wool turtleneck in a color that suits you..and also purchase a pair of wool pants or wool gabardine skirt, flesh colored panty hose and simple pair of dress boots, a nice Tracy Reese clutch, gold hoop earrings, a beautiful scarf with nice turquoise colors and you are ready to go.

  3. Vanessa F. says:

    Good morning,

    I am not certain if henna for hair has been discussed in the FSF open forum so here goes – Cream henna is the way to go. Especially if you are like me and cannot be bothered with chopping up henna blocks then melting it in water or dealing with henna powders. I just put in a cream henna last night and my hair is just gorgeous. Very conditioned and very shiny and the color is perfect. The brand I used is Surya Brazil. There are many reviews of this line on (I did a ton of research on it and other brands before I took the plunge!)

    Khadija, I am not certain if you have guidelines on naming actual products. Please let me know if you do.

    • MsMellody says:

      Big hug and Kiss to you Vanessa!!!

      I have always wanted to find a henna product that was not messy and cumbersome. This creme product seems VERY VERY good. I spent some time over at the Surya site and read all the wonderful exotic Indian hair ingredients. I have been a long time fan of the Neem oil and other Indian products for the hair…I am just so very glad to read about them..and I look forward to when my shipment arrives!!

      Thank you again. And a big thank you and heartfelt warmth to Khadija for providing this light hearted and wonderful end of the week sharing of beauty information. This has been wonderful, the exchange of info/ideas…thank you again.

  4. Evia says:

    Depending on whether you’re going in the day or evening, you can really dress up with after-five wear, or wear a suit, or dress like you’re going to church (if you really dress up when you attend church)–complete with 2-3 items of tasteful glitzy accessories (diamond studs, small gold/silver/diamond dangles). Not too much though since that’s crass. Do NOT wear any type of jewelry that makes noise (bangles, etc.) or perfume since you’ll be sitting very close to others, most likely. Wear makeup, IF you wear makeup.

    If you have small binoculars, you could take those unless you have really fab seats close to the stage.

    Take some cash so that you can buy the Alvin Ailey dance music CD(s) (if you want) or other items they usually try to sell during intermission or afterwards. Or sometimes, you can use a card.

  5. Neecy says:

    I just recently tried Sally’s version of Morocon oil called Aragon Oil. WOW! Amazing stuff and smells delightful. It really helps add moisture and luster to hair as well as making it shiny looking without looking too greasy.

    And the smell – you will have people asking you what you have in your hair that smells so wonderful.

  6. Zabeth says:

    I found this article last night on how to make the most out of lipstick and lip glosses. I thought it was really helpful:

  7. Yellow Moon says:

    I have always taken the advice of Coco Chanel to heart when deciding what to wear when I go out at night:

    “Before you leave, take one thing off”.

    It always saves me from wearing too many bracelets or rings.

  8. Ali says:

    -Check out this woman for Flirting 101 and attracting a man for high powered, busy women –

    I just stumbled across her through another website. If you can listen to one of her podcasts, do. Even if you’re already in a relationship, listen to her. I wish I had heard of her when I started dating – she REALLY understands men.

    – I also have an open question for the ladies here – I’ve seen a lot of language learning programs mentioned here in different conversations. I know a lot of you are learning languages. How are you guys liking the study programs?

    For learning a language at a conversational level, quickly – what do people recommend? I mean if you actually want to be able to sit and chat with someone in French or Japanese, even if you can’t necessarily read it and you’re not totally fluent?

    How do you keep your foreign language skills up when you live in the US?

    Absolutely any advice on learning a new language would be so helpful – the standard ‘ buy a book and learn rules of French grammar’ isn’t working for me.

    • Mariposa Linda says:

      Hey! I’m a foreign language teacher.
      1. If you are working on French or Spanish, chances are you already have some DVD’s you can work to your advantage. Watch your DVD’s a few times in the target language with English subtitles. After you watch it several times giving your ear a chance to catch more and more words, switch to the target language soundtrack with target language subtitles. Be aware that translations are not literal. Oftentimes, they use a totally different phrase that conveys the same idea or feeling.

      2. Listen to music in the target language. It’s fairly easy to google the lyrics so you can read them. You learn a ton of new vocabulary this way.

      3. If you have access to television programming in this language, pure GOLD. Spanish language television is notoriously horrible but it will help you to improve your fluency.

      4. There are also novels written especially for language learners that are pretty helpful though they’re easiest to locate in French and Spanish since those are two most taught languages in our schools right now.

      Hope that helps!! 🙂

    • Coffy says:

      The Pimsleur audio program is pretty good, from day one you’re speaking the language and are required to ‘interact’ with the program. It can be expensive, but if you sign up for you can get the first three units for 7.49 each and then end your subscription if you decide you don’t like it.

      Once I make it through my language learning programs (I’m using books too) and learn the most common 100 words I plan on finding someone to chat with on Skype. Since you’re learning French it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a language café or a group to practice with. Also make it a habit to listen, watch and read French media online, even if you don’t understand all that is being said it’ll familiarize you with the language, and with time you’ll soon find yourself recognizing more and more words. If you have an iphone/itouch download a free flashcard app to practice words (or just use regular flashcards) and review whenever and wherever you have free time–at the bus stop, waiting in line–a little a day is better than a lot occasionally.

      I think the hardest part about learning a new language while living in the US is staying motivated and dedicating study time on a daily basis. This may sound silly, but if you’re a visual person try making a ‘vision board’ or a PowerPoint of Parisian landmarks, universities, men and all the opportunities that’ll come your way as a result of learning French. When you’re having a hard time finding the motivation to study, review this a few minutes before getting started.


    • shesthedifferencemaker says:

      How do you keep your foreign language skills up when you live in the US?

      Practice. That is the only way to maintain and improve skills. One of my majors is French and my French professors will tell you the same thing. Whether you are trying to increase your vocabulary or improve your pronunciation or reading comprehension, you have to dedicate the time each day to practice. How to practice is the question. I’ll use my life as an example.

      I loath the news that we get in the U.S. Not only do we not get enough coverage on what’s going on in the rest of the world, but on American issues, we get spoon-fed one-sided sound bites. When I go online to read the BBC, France 24, etc I will use something like Google Translate ( to read it all in French. [Simply copy and paste the webpage address in the text box and press enter and the page is translated in whatever language you choose. You can also do that with webpages that are in other languages and translate them back to English.] After I try to comprehend as much as I can, I translate it back into English. This helps me so much with assessing where I am at with my reading comprehension. I have my favorite French news websites I visit pretty frequently (Le Monde,Le Fiagro). Whatever your target language is, pick a country that uses that language and search for their popular news sites (or gossip sites 🙂 and practice reading in that target language. Then switch to English to see what you could and couldn’t understand and take notes. This has really helped to improve my vocabulary and what’s great is that the vocab and content of these articles are things you could actually bring up in conversation with a native speaker.

      There are so many foreign films and tv shows with English subtitle on YouTube and other free video sites. As I am watching, I will try and match the French words with the English subtitles on the screen. I remember in grade school we did this with foreign films and animated films we watched as kids. It makes the learning process so much more enjoyable. I took a Latin American course and the day before Spring Break, we got to watch Betty la fea (Ugly Betty) in Spanish with no subtitles. I have taken only one Spanish class (5th grade), but because I was familiar with the American version of the show, I was able to pick up on what was going on and even understand some of the dialog, which really surprised me.

      On my college campus the different language departments do very good job of hosting many cultural events for community. I just went to a free screening of a French film which is part of a series they do each week that is open and free to the public. The audience was a mix of college faculty, senior citizens, families, and college students with various levels of French.

      Search for an association/organization in your target language and see if there is one near you. For me that would be Alliance Francaise. They have a branch in my city and they plan all sorts of events and activities that will help improve your skills no matter what your level of French is. I was so surprised to find a similar organization for people wanting to learn Japanese because of the size of my city, but you won’t know unless you take to time to do a bit of research (aka Google lol). It’s good to do a mixture of studying on your own as well as practicing speaking the language and learning the culture with those in your community (and it gets you out of your comfort zone, which is so important).

      For me, it is all about making it fun and interactive. I can’t be bothered to sit at desk and read some ‘Foreign Language for Dummies’ book. I take what I do in my daily life like going out to events, reading/listening to the news, listening to music (iTunes radio is your best friend if you want to find some great non-English music) and simply incorporate French into it and I have noticed a lot of improvement.

      I have more suggestions, but I feel like this is rseponse is too long. I hope some of this was helpful 🙂

      • SweetIslandGirl says:

        it was awesome thank you. I’d like to add another great tool is Find your city then then type in the language your interested in lesrning and a plethora of language meet up groups will come u. Ijoined a few and alot of them meet up to practice the language or you can get acess to guest speakers in that naive language etc. Its a really good resource.

        • SweetIslandGirl says:

          sorry for the typos. I’m on this laptop and I hate the keys on here. I type fast and my fingers seem to slide all over them. I apologize.

    • Natasia says:

      I’m seriously in love with these, ladies. They’re quick, they’re free, and they’re IMMENSELY useful. When I went abroad to Spain without knowing a lick of Spanish, this is what saved me! There’s other languages also, like Coffee Break French, One Minute Polish, and a whole bunch of other things as well.

      Go to iTunes and look up : “Coffee Break Spanish”
      Download to your computer, iPod, etc
      Have fun!

  9. Faith says:

    Clinique has a line of lipsticks that make your teeth look whiter.

  10. Bobi says:

    I tried to post this on a different post but it was closed so I’ll post it here. I’ll be sure to discuss the more girlie aspects of this thread later as I love doing that!

    Ali and Alee
    I agree with your posts so much. I think the phrase that sums up your posts perfectly is “misery loves company”. They don’t want to be alone in the “barrel” so they decide that bw need to be down in there with them. it makes it an easier pill to swallow to be able to point to one immobile trait, like race, as the source of their problems b/c then there is no need for self-reflection, which can be a very scary and painful process, especially if you haven’t ever dealt with any of the traumatic events that have happened in your life. It is a lot easier to just say “It’s because I’m black, ain’t it?”.

    These bw don’t really know themselves period. At least not outside of the 3 or 4 approved stereotypical personalities that bw are allowed to have. They have been told what to eat, what to wear, what music to listen to, what kind of movies and tv shows to watch, and what kind of places to visit by the church, black “community”, the media and society (I’m sure you’ve heard more than one bw say that bw don’t do this activity or listen to that type of music, right?).

    These bw are so scared of venturing out of the social caves that have been carved out for them and seeing and experiencing EVERYTHING the world has to offer. They are like turtles refusing to come out of the shells. They will not come out of their cocoons to become the butterflies that Evia talks about because of their paralyzing fear. It is a lot “safer” in their twisted minds to stay where they are socially even if it’s more dangerous for them emotionally and physically. It think it’s like they feel they can’t take one more blow. They already know deep down that the bc doesn’t care about them beyond the pats on the back they get. If they venture outside the bc and get rejected there too then they will really be alone. So they hold on to those crumbs with all their might. It is such a sad way to live when you think about it.

    And you know what, for a time, I had this same mentality of being at the bottom of the barrel and I found comfort in feeling like other women were there with me. I even ALMOST told a friend of mine, who has no trouble getting men, that she didn’t understand or know her place as a bw. Why wasn’t she miserable as well? Didn’t she know this was her lot in life? Why didn’t she get the memo? SMDH

    Thank God I didn’t say such foolishness to her and instead learned from her. And I’m telling you when my demeanor changed, EVERYONE treated me differently, men and women of any and all races. Hmmmm, so I guess it was me all along. Ummm, what’s that word I’m looking for? DUH, I think is the one lol.

    You girls are very astute for your ages. If there are young bw around you, try to impart nuggets of wisdom to them. They will be better off for it.

    Bobi 🙂

    • ak says:

      Bobi you’re absolutely right.

    • Ladies,

      These 2 comments are the only set of comments that I’m going to publish in the middle of this discussion that are in response to the previous conversation. I’m not going to publish any more comments that rehash the previous conversation. That conversation went on for 5 days, and we’re onto something else right now. Let’s move forward.

      Expect Success!

  11. ak says:

    I remember about two ‘finishings’ ago (LOL) people on here mentioned the apirin masks, and I am trying out the aspirin masks officially since last night for the first time. Today I bought the powdered (not formed into pills) aspirin, and I will see how that works out for me at least this way there’ll be less messing around with it. Here’s hoping I’ll see improvements with my skin!

    • Natasia says:

      It does work, but I don’t recommend it for prolonged use. It is aspirin after all, and your skin does absorb anything that you put on it.

      I keep my aspirin masks around for those emergency moments, but you might want to shop around for an alternative daily regiment.

  12. Melissa Q. says:

    Women with dark skin usually suffer from some form of hyperpigmentation or an uneven skin tone. A good way to solve this is with an exfoliant. There are many over the counter exfoliants that are safe to use. Simply use them once or twice a day to gain clear and smooth skin. Taking care of the skin is a good idea, as it leads to fresh healthy skin. Some products: St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Lactic Acid, glycolic acid, retin A, etc. Just check your local drugstore. Make sure you follow all instructions, and test it on a patch of skin (on your arm or leg) to make sure that you aren’t allergic. Also, be sure to never over exfoliate.

    • SweetIslandGirl says:

      ooh I love this. Thank you I will try it.

      • Melissa Q. says:

        Just be careful. Depending how strong it is it might irritate the skin and then cause hyper-pigmentation. I think the best way to start is 2-3x a week with rest breaks in between. Make sure to give your face a rest in between. 🙂

  13. Adrienne M says:

    Hello Ali–

    Pimsleur is a good program for learning how to survive in another language. That program seems to be from the point of view of a business traveler. I lived in Korea for 3 years, and was surprised how much I remembered from my Pimsleur CD’s. There are 30 lessons in each level, and each lesson is 30 minutes. It teaches things that are useful, and I find my retention to be much better than with other programs(Rosetta Stone, Byki). They also have their lessons on iTunes.

    That said, if you’re learning a language with a different writing system, things will be *so* much easier for you if you learn the writing. Romanization sucks. If you’re studying Japanese, this is difficult because of the Chinese characters they use–but learning hiragana and katakana is not a waste of time. (It helped when I visited Tokyo two years ago) I taught myself how to read them and the Korean writing system too (from the cute book Kana de Manga). It is a lot less painful than it seems. Those languages are phonetically simpler than English.

    Also, I would recommend:

    1. A good electronic dictionary– one that translates in both directions and TALKS. If you have a smart phone or other mobile device, I highly recommend finding a good dictionary app for the language you’re studying so you can take it everywhere.

    2. Memorizing the most common words in that language. Look up them up on Wikipedia. Start with the first 100.

    3. A *good* basic grammar book that is bright, attractive, short as possible, and written in layman’s terms. Getting accustomed to the sentence structure helps a lot. A lot of grammar books are written by linguists who love to show how clever they are, so it’s important to pick a grammar book that looks as if it was written for normal people.

    4. A pocket phrasebook divided by situation. This helps get over the rough patches in situations while you’re still learning the basics. I recommend the Lonely Planet phrase books.

    As far as retaining a language once you’re back in the US, What I do is watch Korean TV and movies online and on DVD. I also listen to the radio online, and listen to Kpop. Also, I write to my Korean friends.

    Anyway, hope this long-winded advice is helpful in your studies. Best Wishes!!


    • Ali says:

      WOW – thank you so much Adrienne, this is great advice. I really appreciate it – I’m trying to a little personal upgrade – Ali 2.0 – and that includes being truly fluent in a new language, French. I will check these sources out.

      And Bobi – thank you for sharing your story, and welcome to the forum!

  14. Truth P. says:

    I don’t use many products but I can almost swear by WATER.
    There are many beauty benefits just from water alone.Learn to love it.

    Drinking enough water can help with hyper pigmentation, dark under eye circles,acne etc.(different people need different amounts of water ask your physician how much is right for you.)consuming too much water can be dangerous.

    Got issues with varicose veins?If you can’t get the laser treatment WATER can be very helpful with blood circulation through the body which can prevent varicose veins and even provide relief.

    1 or 2 soaks in the tub per week can help to soften the skin and get rid of callouses.
    (Make sure you don’t have issues with hard water)

    I use steam coming from a pot of water on the stove to open the pores on my face so I can do a good facial heads(i get them in the bridge of my nose) will loosen.(be careful)

    Drinking water can help clear your eyes making them brighter.

    • Meena says:

      I know that when we think of support stockings some people think of smoothing their waist or thighs under some garment of clothing. However, I am talking about support stockings that aid in better blood circulation through the legs. I am fortunate to work at a job that has be wearing a uniform that involves pants everyday but, being on my feet all day has resulted in unwanted varicose veins. They also run in my family badly on my mother’s side. To prevent the ones I have from getting worse and to hopeful prevent any future veins, I wear support stockings under my clothes. They tend to run a little more pricey compared to the simple stockings you find in a nearby grocery store but they are helpful.

      • Sylvia says:

        Meena, most health insurances now cover varicose vein removal. You may want to check with yours. You do have to undergo a short “vein regurgitation” test (not sure of the name) to see how much blood flow is coming back. After that, they should cover the procedure.

      • Oshun/Aphrodite says:

        Aww Meena.

        I had heard of that. I had a job like that once and someone suggested I wear compression hose to prevent veins. I am glad I listened.

  15. Joyousnerd says:

    Hi ladies,

    I’m not really that informed as far as beauty and style go… but one thing that really makes for a ladylike look in my opinion are the hands.

    My skin is prone to dryness and never seems to get hydrated. When my hands look dry and rough I feel ugly. 🙁 I keep a small bottle of lotion on my for applications on the run.

    Keeping a coat of pastel nail polish on makes me feel put together and feminine. My go-to shade is a soft pink color that compliments my skin and I feel doesn’t visibly clash with most of the colors I wear. I do not have time for frequent polish changes, so make sure to put several layers of top coat on to diminish chips.

    If my nail polish does get chipped while I am out, I have a nifty product for that. Just as they have wet-naps in a packet for cleaning hands on the go, there are nail polish remover-infused cloths in a packet. I keep them in my purse too.

    • Meena says:

      Now I can’t say I have tried this method, but I will say I have heard nothing but great reviews. Their is a fairly new type of nail polish available called shellac. At most Nail Salons I have frequented, the price is around $40. However, it behaves like a gel, in that it does not chip and simply grows out with your natural nail. There is a particular process to take the polish off but I doubt it is anywhere near as time consuming as the acrylic or gel nails can be. Here is the website that gives more information about the product:

      • Mariposa Linda says:

        I have used the OPI version of this and it’s great. It’s a gel nail polish that stays put and protects your nails. The only disadvantage to OPI one is that you have to go back to the salon to get it removed. You can soak off the CND version which seems much more practical to me.

  16. Meena says:

    May I add, products that contain hyaluronic acid are also good with our skin. I am not an expert on Hyaluronan (the scientific title for the ingredient) but I will say it is the key ingredient in the skincare line that I really like; Rx For Brown Skin. I heard they will be coming back this month so I’ll be on the lookout, but hyaluronic acid is in their products along with soy bean and pomegranate. If you do a google search, you will find many pills that you can take orally to supplement your body with it. However, I have never tried this method. I prefer the topical kind. Hope this helps anyone who may be interested!

  17. Truth P. says:

    I don’t wear lipstick but I’ve heard wearing two different shades works best for many black women who have natural two toned lips (top lips is sometims darker than the bottom and vice versa)
    I’ve heard a good primer can help with this issue as well and I also came upon this site ( ) where a young black woman did an all natural lip bleaching using lemon and sugar.
    It seemed to work and I am going to try it myself.

  18. KimP says:

    Don’t ever rub to remove your eye makeup by rubbing, even gently, I like to run some lukewarm water and take a wash cloth or makeup remover pad and place it over my eyes and wiggle gently. Just keep wetting and wiggling until the towel or remover pad shows no traces of makeup.

    Also, I try to avoid waterproof mascara or eyeliner unless I’m swimming or somewhere where I may cry (wedding, funeral, opera), otherwise it’s hard to remove and I notice it tends to leave behind a dark film overtime.

    If you must go the waterproof route, rub cold cream or Vaseline over the waterproof makeup then proceed with the wet and wiggle method to remove.

    The skin around the eyes is so sensitive, you always have to be gentle. I’m trying to keep wrinkles/crows feet at bay for as long as possible!

    Oh Yes, someone asked in last Friday’s post if the homemade shimmer lotion rubs off on clothing, not if you choose a bronzer/shimmer that’s fine enough. The key is to find something that’s extremely fine so that it sticks to your skin as the lotion seeps in and moisturizes.

  19. SweetIslandGirl says:


    I’m learning Spanish and the one book that has made the difference between being confused when I listen to Reggaeton or Salsa and having a “ah ha” moment was Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish” By Margarita Madrigal. Amazing book. By the 8th chapter I learned more spanish then I had in 2 years of watching soaps on TLN (when I catch them in time).


    Apprently, tumeric powder mixed with yogurt, Ive heard makes a great facial mask that smoothes your skin over time. I’ve yet to try it but I plan to.

    Also, once a week using Olive oil to wash your face will help to decrease your pores and make your skin more youthful over time.

    I’ve used Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) to grow my lashes and let me tell you IT WORKS! Try it. It took me about 2 weeks to see a very noticeable difference.

    For the past few days I’ve been listening to meditative music and speakers on my ipod at night. I’m accustomed to sleeping in complete silence but it has helped me to relax and begin to fall into the brainwaves neccesary to begin falling asleep. My goal is to sleep through the night to get the most out of the positive messages into my subconcious.

    • Mariposa Linda says:

      Love that book!

    • Natalie says:

      Greetings SweetIslandGirl

      I’m also studying my fluency in Spanish. !Me gusta escuchar Reggaton, Romances, Balades, y Latino Pop tambien! Another great resource to learn Spanish and other languages is through Mango languages and if any of you have a library card you get the service for FREE!!. Just go the main website of your library and look under language resouces and sign-up for Mango Languages. The languages are each sectioned under basic, intermediate, and advanced. This language program also tracks your progress.

      I’m really loving finishing school Friday Khadija this is wonderful. I wish everyone great success at attaining your best self.

  20. MsMellody says:

    Bio- Oil.

    I will say it again — Bio-Oil it is inexpensive,(find it at Walgreens ) wonderful and it works. I am in the beginning stages of menopause and this Bio-Oil has worked wonders on my dry/combo facial skin!!

    Read uplifting books, think positive, drink plenty of water. Just enjoy your life and smile while your doing it all. You’d be suprised with the results. Go Bio-Oil!!!

  21. Miss S says:

    Sunblock. This is one of the most important things you can use to improve your skin. If you are using creams/peels, etc to get rid of hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone, and not using sunscreen, you’re wasting your time. The sun darkens those spots right back up.

    If you have sensitive skin, use all natural (non chemical) sunblock. It does make your skin a little white, but you can use a tinted moisturizer or foundation afterwards. Use it even if you’re going to be outside for 5 minutes.

    I mix olive and jojoba oil to use as a makeup remover. It works alot better than the make up remover by Philosophy I was using. I showed my sister, and now she won’t go back to standard make up remover. It’s also good for your skin.

    Ir recently printed out a few inspirational quotes I like and placed them on the wall in front of my desk. I also keep a notebook on my desk to write down quotes that I come across and love. It’s just a little way of keeping me positive when I feel down.

    If you take a trip to a natural foods store and buy 1) natural shea butter 2) jojoba oil 3) coconut oil and 4) cocoa butter, I promise that most of you will save a ton of money on lotions, facial moisturizers, make up removers, and hair oils.

    I mix jojobo oil, shea butter, and a bit of olive oil,and sometimes a bit of cocoa butter in a container. I melt it, then put in the freezer overnight. I use this as a body moisturizer, along with my Am-lactin.

    I use jojoba oil as a facial moisturizer, and as I mentioned above, oliver oil and jojoba oil as a make up remover.

    Have a good weekend ladies!

  22. joyousnerd says:

    Oh, this tip I think is a classic, but some of you may not have heard it before.

    Whatever treatments you do on your face, also do to your neck, decollete and hands. How many times have you seen a woman with a smooth face but rough, beat up neck/chest/hands? This ages you instantly!