Welcome to the first episode of Author Platform Construction 101. In a recent post I mentioned the modern author’s need to find ways to create an audience for their work. Preferably, before publishing their books. In the writing context, creating connections with potential readers is called building an author’s “platform.”

Blogging can be an effective way of creating these connections. However, there’s more than one kind of blogging. Some blogging styles are more effective at building an audience than others. There’s the casual, pure hobby style of blogging that is done without any forethought. And then there’s strategic blogging that is designed to encourage specific responses from readers. The hoped for responses can be any number of things, such as: consider a new idea, rethink an old idea, buy a particular product, engage in social activism, spread the word about something, or any combination of the above.

Copyblogger is an excellent resource for writers looking to blog with a winning strategy. It discusses the various copywriting skills and techniques bloggers can use to write persuasive, compelling blog posts in support of their goals. Check it out.

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2 Responses to “Copyblogger”

  1. SouthlandDiva says:

    Thanks for the link! There are quite a few links I’ve added to my writer’s file from Copyblogger. I love the idea of downloading podcasts of discussions, interviews and seminars about how to improve your writing skills. It never occurred to me to look for podcasts about writing…I know kinda sad!! I gathered alot of links regarding scifi/fantasy writing – which is more or less my main interest. Hope all is going well.


  2. SouthlandDiva,

    You’re welcome! I’m constantly amazed by the wealth of information that’s literally at one’s fingertips with this new technology. I remember the high school days of having to ride the CTA bus downtown to go to the main library to do even basic research. {shaking my head in amused amazement}

    Peace, blessings and solidarity.