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Introduction To Screenwriting

Steven Barnes is a prolific, successful science fiction author who has written many books and television screenplays. I stopped reading his blog past a certain point because I grew weary of reading his numerous DBRBM™ opinions and preoccupations. If I remember correctly, his first wife was non-Black. There’s the preoccupation with whether Black male characters in movies have sex. (Here’s another example of that.) I don’t recall seeing any mention that perhaps he and other concerned African-American men in the industry should create their own film production and distribution entities so they can produce movies with Black male characters having sex. No, instead of taking action to remedy something that he’s spent a lot of time complaining about, he’s shifting into personal coaching, which is his prerogative.

There’s also the notion that it is supposedly easier for Black women to advance in White-dominated America. It was all tiresome. By contrast, you don’t hear Jewish men competing with their women to see who were (and are) the bigger victims of anti-Semitism. You don’t hear Jewish men saying that Jewish women had it easier during their Holocaust because they were raped by Nazis. You don’t hear Jewish men saying the Holocaust wasn’t as bad for Jewish women because they could try to prostitute themselves to Nazis. Finally, you don’t hear Jewish men whining that Jewish women have it easier in dealing with anti-Semitism.

Nevertheless, I give credit where it is due. He’s a talented writer who has been successful at his craft. He has also produced some excellent teaching materials about the writer’s craft. His 9 week course, Introduction to Screenwriting is an excellent (and free!) resource.

March 15, 2010   25 Comments