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Fiction Writers Who Are Prepared To Self-Publish AND Self-Market: Get Moving!

If you’re an aspiring novelist, please read and consider the following posts.



See the following posts over at J.A. Konrath’s blog (A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing). He’s changed his mind from his earlier position, and is now strongly in favor of self-publishing. One way to see these posts is to simply read the posts from his blog from December 27, 2010 through January 7, 2011. Here are the separate links:

Your mileage may vary, but all aspiring genre fiction writers should look into this! In the past, I was strongly against fiction writers self-publishing if they hadn’t already gotten some form of recognition from the traditional publishing industry. This was due to the stigma against self-published books within the industry.

However, after the past year, the traditional publishing industry currently appears to be on its knees. And at the same time, totally unconnected newbies are selling quite well in the genre ebook niches on So, the equation has changed. The stigma still exists, but depending on one’s goals as a writer, it might not matter anymore. In any event, one resource you might want to check out is Are You Still Submitting Your Work To a Traditional Publisher?

January 11, 2011   37 Comments

WORDPLAY—Screenwriting Secrets From Working Screenwriters

There’s a wonderful and helpful website called WORDPLAY—Screenwriting Secrets From Working Screenwriters. It’s well worth any aspiring screenwriter’s time to check it out. Browse, learn and enjoy!

May 1, 2010   2 Comments

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

Joe Konrath is a full-time novelist who publishes the following excellent blog, A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing. He’s definitely not a “newbie.” He and his blog are a storehouse of insider information about the writing biz. It’s well worth any aspiring writer’s time to read through all of his blog archives, and check out his 761-page free ebook of blog posts organized by subject matter, The Newbie’s Guide to Publishing.

He’s a talented, entertaining writer. I enjoyed reading his technothriller, The List.

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Welcome to the first episode of Author Platform Construction 101. In a recent post I mentioned the modern author’s need to find ways to create an audience for their work. Preferably, before publishing their books. In the writing context, creating connections with potential readers is called building an author’s “platform.”

Blogging can be an effective way of creating these connections. However, there’s more than one kind of blogging. Some blogging styles are more effective at building an audience than others. There’s the casual, pure hobby style of blogging that is done without any forethought. And then there’s strategic blogging that is designed to encourage specific responses from readers. The hoped for responses can be any number of things, such as: consider a new idea, rethink an old idea, buy a particular product, engage in social activism, spread the word about something, or any combination of the above.

Copyblogger is an excellent resource for writers looking to blog with a winning strategy. It discusses the various copywriting skills and techniques bloggers can use to write persuasive, compelling blog posts in support of their goals. Check it out.

February 12, 2010   2 Comments

Television Tropes & Idioms

I found a delightful and helpful website called Television Tropes & Idioms.

While browsing the site, I’ve found references to helpful books explaining various aspects of writing good fiction, such as 20 Master Plots: And How to Build Them by Ronald B. Tobias.

Reading through the entries has also helped me focus my thoughts about the structure of the novel that I’m working on. My novel’s setting is:

(1) “Twenty Minutes Into the Future”

(2) in a “Crapsack World.”

(3) I’ve decided to open with an “Action Prologue,”

(4) and have at least one character who’s a “Sour Supporter.”

Browse, learn, and enjoy!

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