About the Blog

I’m dedicating this new site to lifestyle optimization for Black women. There will be a focus on tips and techniques for having effective and serene lifestyles. Because I believe that Black women need new visions in support of sane and serene living, this site will also focus on writing and the publishing industry. I know that many of you have at least one good book inside you, waiting to be born.

The rest of us, and future generations of Black women and girls, need your healthy voices and visions. The current art directed at African-American women is grounded in masochism. It revels in showcasing women and girls like ourselves being emotionally abused, beaten, molested, or raped. The current art also portrays trauma and depravity as normal features of African-American women’s lives. For many of us, these wounded, sick depictions form much of our vision of our life possibilities as African-American women.

Black women need new visions. We need to hear new voices. We need to hear your voice in your own creative works. With this site, I’m also dedicating myself to helping other African-American writers through what I’ve learned—and what I’m still learning—about writing and publishing during my adventures as a new author.

Among other things, I’ll discuss the major changes taking place in the publishing industry. Changes that are decreasing the influence of the traditional publishing gatekeepers. And increasing the demands that traditional publishing houses make on their authors. Traditional publishers now expect most of the authors they sign to be heavily involved in marketing their own book. There’s also the Publishers Weekly report that print on demand books (typically used by self-publishers and online publishers) outnumbered traditionally published books for the first time in 2008. These are exciting times for writers with initiative.

I’ll let you look over my shoulder, and have the benefit of “hindsight in advance.” The benefit of learning through my ongoing experiences. Please email me and let me know what you’d like to see on this site as I move forward.

I’ll be offering all kinds of resources here, so please take a look and come back often.