About the Author

Khadija Nassif’s passion for both the creative arts and social justice started at age 8 when she decided that her cousin’s handmade comic books didn’t have enough female characters. So, she started drawing her own comic books. From then on, she was hooked on the arts and social justice.

Today, Khadija is an attorney, entrepreneur, and writer whose work consists of doing well by doing good. Besides making her known as a voice of empowerment for Black women, her previous blog Muslim Bushido helped thousands of readers release self-limiting beliefs. Her smart, common sense blog posts also spawned her first book of essays, The Sojourner’s Passport: A Black Woman’s Guide To Having The Life And Love You Deserve.

Because of this exposure, Khadija’s activities are closely watched by racist online trolls, Internet Ike Turners, and other aspiring thought police. And that, she thinks, is a great reason to smile every morning.